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Winter negatives temperatures, freeze, freezing

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Are you asking yourself the kind of questions below?

Are winter’s negative temperatures a problem for my HHO cell ?

Is it a problem if water freezes in my dry cell or in the tank ?

Will my HHO cell still be active when the water inside is frozen?

Is it dangerous to get going with my HHO car when the HHO Cell is frozen ?

Etc, etc….

These kind of question are asked more and more often, especially when the winter is coming. Well, I will tell you something. YES IT IS DISTURBING when the water freeze in the generator, tank or pipes but I will also say that YES THERE’S A WAY TO PROTECT YOUR INSTALL from frost.

Frost can of course damage your installation : when the water freezes it takes more place and it can move or even break some parts of your installation and causes leak. At least it can stop HHO flux in some places, ie., frozen water in the bubbler or frozen condensation in a low part of a pipe.

I WILL GIVE YOU NOW THE SOLUTION but you have to promise me that you will read the rest of this article anyway! Because you have to it the right way !

Radical solution against freezing temps:

You have to mix certain quantity of alcohol in your electrolyte bath.



You need to use only Isopropyl alcohol ( rubbing alcohol ) at least 90% pure, 99% is better, and only associated with pure sodium hydroxide (NaOH) as an electrolyte.

If you use other alcohol and / or other electrolyte, electrolyte bath (water +electrolyte + alcohol) will become black after a few minutes of being activate and a black crust will deposit on the electrodes of the generator and finally that will stop electrolysis!!! Then you will have a lot of cleaning to do….It’s not so bothering if you have a jar type HHO cell (the famous Mason Jar), but if you have a dry cell…. well, you’re in trouble guys…Trust me I have been there…!

Of course it is not always easy to find pure isopropylic alcohol regarding on the country youy live…..It would be too beautiful to be true, don’t you think so?

You might find it in the pharmacy but it could be very expensive and it is not sure that your pharmacist will sell it to you.

Hopefully there are great places where we can find isopropyl alcohol (IPA, Isopropanol or rubbing alcohol ) in different degrees of purity : 50%,70%,91% and 99,++%.You have to choose at least 91%. My advice is to take 99% and +

Links for finding pure isopropylic alcohol :

USA & Canada:

Pure Isopropylic Alcohol on amazon.com

Pure Isopropylic Alcohol on eBay.com

Europe :

Alcool Isopropylique on eBay

Links for finding pure sodium hydroxide:

USA & Canada:

Pure sodium hydroxide on ebay.com

Hydroxide de Sodium on amazon.com

Europe :

Hydroxide de Sodium on eBay

How to do it ?

If you have already using pure sodium hydroxide:

You can simply put isopropyl alcohol in your tank and leave it for at least 30 min before activating your generator. It is really necessary to wait!! I am not a chemist but I know what is going to happen if you act too fast….Electrolytic bath will become black etc…(trust me, I know what I am talking about).

20 to 25% of isopropyl alcohol protects up to -15°C. You can add 40 -50% of alcohol if the climate in your area requires that. Next you will have to settle again concentration of electrolyte bath. Isopropyl alcohol disturbs electrolysis, so you will have to add sodium hydroxide to find back amperage which existed before adding alcohol. To add hydroxide you will have to mix it in small quantity of distilled water until dissolution complete, next put it into the tank……..and leave it for at least 30 min before activating your generator …if not …etc, etc….

If you aren’t using pure hydroxide de sodium yet:

You have to drain your system and rinse with distilled water. Then you have to mix in a glass container (and not directly in the tank) the quantity of distilled water & isopropylic alcohol you’ll need to fill your system ( remember only that kind of alcohol can be used ).

20 – 25% of isopropyl alcohol protects up to –15° C.

You can add 40-50 % of alcohol if the climate in your region requires that. Next you have to add sodium hydroxide.Don’t be surprised, it will be much more than previously without alcohol. IPA ( isopropylic alcohol is disturbing electrolysis ) Then you have to mix it until dilution completes. Leave it without a cover for at least 30 min and after that time pour it all into the tank of the system.

The fact that you add alcohol into the system will of course stop the frost but also counteract water electrolyse, so you will have to settle from the beginning the gas production of your system. Unless if you are the happy owners of a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator).

When the winter and the frost is over you have to drain and rinse the system and to fill the tank with distilled water and electrolyte.

Ok guys ? You now are ready for the winter  (are there some girls as well? )

Now I will give you some advice if you don’t want to use isopropyl alcohol :

You have to install ammeter in passenger cell, it will help you notice any kind of anomaly.

You have to install button switch in passenger cell, it will let you stop your installation when it is frozen and activate again when the engine will reheat it.

During the night put your car in the garage.

Protect your generator with insulating materials.

Activate your engine 15 or even 30 min before going, without running the HHO Cell

That’s it folks, I really advise you to use isopropyl alcohol (I live in a “Wolf Country” where the temperatures are as low as – 40 °C during winter so I know what I am talking about..) this solution will not create you any problems & will permit you to continue to save money & take care of your planet during the winter.

And it is a great opportunity to drain your system at least once a year….

Take care guys and good luck!!!

Christian, Your Brother in HHO

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