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Announcement: HHO Cell Story

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Is it possible to “burn” water instead of gas ?

Can You Actually Run Your Car on Water?

Is it just a scam ?

Or simply an old dream we can’t acheive ?

As you’re reading this, I guess you’ve heard here or there than eventually, it could be possible, with some luck, to power a car with water. You are a part of the minority ( not for long ) on the planet that have had some informations about it.

My goal is to help you definatly realize that it’s only reality. Specially if you live in the US, you may be just ignore that thousands of your fellow citizens are “burning” water in a HHO Cell each and every day !

They are no more wondering if it’s possible or not, they just do it !

They use water to increase mileage 20% – 60%  with a 1,2,3 simple system , easy to plug in and costless.

Yep, you really have seen “thousands of your fellow citizens” & “20% to 60%”

Let me explain… we only use 20% of the gas we put into our car’s gas tank. If you don’t believe me search it on GOOGLE or something. 80% of the gas that is put into our tanks is turned into pollution (unused gas).

It’s like burning banknotes……

Running your car on both water and gasoline greatly increases the combustion efficiency of the vehicle and allows its fuel to be burned more completely; which results in cleaner emissions, greater fuel economy, and increased performance.

It turns out that once you convert, you end up using 30% – 60% more gasoline to actually move your car, than you did before.

Now, how does it work ?

Paradoxically, it’s a 200 years old story….. Have you ever eard about electrolysis ?  Yep, it’s that simple !

A Hydrogen fuel cell or HHO Cell (also known as a HHO generator or electrolyzer) functions by splitting water into individual Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms.  Two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom are produced from each molecule of water through the process known as electrolysis :  Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, capito ?

This process begins once electrical current is applied to the HHO cell, which is filled with a mixture of pure distilled water and an electrolyte, that is very often Baking Soda and for more advanced HHO Cell systems and users Sodium Hydroxide-NaOH or Potassium Hydroxide-KOH.

This combustible gas ( HHO ) is then drawn into the engine through the vehicle’s intake and burned in the cylinders in combination with the atomized gasoline (or diesel) + air, which is already being injected into the combustion chambers.

Here is the typical implementation of an HHO Cell :

HHO Cell Kit Install

Well, I know what some of you are thinking now :

Electrolysis is not profitable !!!…….

And you’re 100% right guys ! ( girls ? )

Producing HHO will cost more energy than burning HHO will restitute…. So why is it profitable anyway to burn HHO in your engine ?

It’s very simple : just don’t imagine that you will replace a part of your gasoline or diesel with HHO, because

This idea is 100% wrong !

We just need some HHO to be there to OPTIMIZE your air+gasoline mix, and there is no need for the electrolysis process to be profitable !

Can you feel the difference boys and girls ?

Now, imagine filling up your gas tank. Look at the price, now cut that in half. It’s not that bad of an investment!

I might say. Your car’s engine temperature is also a lot cooler, which gives it a longer life span.

These conversions are also reversible, you don’t have to hack off anything on your cars engine, or body in order for this to work. If you are leasing a vehicle, you can simply convert your car to run on both water and gas, and then take the conversion off once you turn the vehicle in.

So here you are ! This site is borned a few days ago, we will improve it day by day, and if you are already HHO users or not, you’ll find every thing you need to know to run a HHO Car. Explore this site, explore others, and make a decision !

The purpose of this system is encouraging the wide spread use of alternative fuels. Hydrogen plays an important role in abundant, safe energy for each of us, and the world at large.

Will you be a part of the HHO Move ?

Take care.

Christian, Your Brother In HHO !

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Electrolysis is not profitable ! Yes….. But No !

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Yes, I know Man, I know…. Electrolysis is not profitable !

I mean energy expended to produce HHO gas with electrolysis, is superior to the energy produced when burning HHO …..


So, can you tell me why HHO cells are so popular ?  Why trucks owners are mounting these devices like crazy ? Why me and my HHOaddicts friends are getting 20, 30, 40, 50% increase in mileage using a HHO Cell ?

There is a very, very, simple reason, and here it is :

Don’t start to think about HHO as something that will fuel your engine, BECAUSE THIS IDEA IS 100% WRONG !!!

HHO will not replace a part of the gas or diesel you usually burn. It will simply optimizes the way it burns.

You must know that 70 to 80% of gas or diesel is lost during the combustion process in a car engine. Take 100 bucks, drop 80 by the window, that’s what is happening when you drive your car….

Turning your vehicle in a HHO car Hybrid by installing a HHO Cell under the hood, just permits you to waste less fuel. AND THERE IS NO NEED FOR ELECTROLYSIS TO BE PROFITABLE ! We just need some HHO to be there !

It’s that simple !

Installing a HHO Cell under your car’s hood, permits you to use a higher % of fuel.

Well, however electrolysis is actually non profitable, that’s why there is a gas output level not to tresspass. After this point HHO production cost you more than it brings while optimizing fuel combustion. Here is a post on how to optimize your HHO production level : http://www.hhocellcarkits.com/hho-cell-technicals/how-much-hho-output-for-maximised-savings

By the mean time you can meditate on this :


More than one gallon is needed to bring one gallon inside your fuel tank…. Searching, extracting, shipping, refinement, re shipping are costing more energy than it brings back !

More….. You waste 70% of this precious liquid !

Happy Meditation.

Christian, Your Brother In HHO.

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